Big Bubba Positive Trigger Programmable Car Horn

Below Are The Videos Explaining How To Hook Up Your
Big Bubba “Positive Trigger”
Horn Unit


The PDF instructions manual for our
“Big Bubba Positive Trigger Programmable Horns” is right here!


How To Upload Music To Your Big Bubba Horn


How To Test Your Big Bubba Horn & How To Hook It Up Correctly 


How To Fix Sounds Skipping – Replacing The Inner Screw To The Horn Unit 


If Your Horn Does Not Connect To PC Correctly To Upload New Sound Files
Take the 2 screws out of the back of the horn and see if the
internal USB connection has come loose during shipping.
(Picture Below)


Bonus Videos

How To Add Universal Remote Kit
(Additional Purchase Required For Kit)


Finding & Extracting Sound Files


Convert WAV to MP3


Using Audacity To Edit Sound Files


How To Compress a Large Sound File