Car Horn Reviews

Everyone loves our custom musical car horns…

Here are a few customer review videos for you to check out…ENJOY!!!


Garrett Wilburn: Boom Blasters has created the BEST horn ever!!
It lets you place any mp3 file you want as its sound and I’m having WAY to much fun with this.
This thing is also surprisingly LOUD too.

A Horn That Lets You Choose Any Sound You Want?


Ross Gentry: LOVE MY HORN…my General Lee replica car also loves it…keep up the great work guys.

Ross Gentry - Dukes of Hazzard General Lee Car Horn Review


Troy Jackson: Yeah I kinda own the Real Truck from the movie…. I’m actually running two horns.. and they are your horns…

Troy Jackson - Jeepers Creepers Truck Horn Review


Jacob Pousson: My horn is super loud…it’s gonna to be a lot of fun to use this.

Jacob Pousson - Godzilla Roar Sounds Car Horn


Danny Dilophosauruss: By far the single best thing I have purchased for JP26. Thanks Boom Blasters for such a awesome product.

Danny Dilophosauruss Jurassic Park Jeep - Godzilla Roar Sounds Car Horn Review


Little Green Truck Nerang: I can’t tell you how many kids ask to hear the frog horn. They love it!

Little Green Truck Nerang - Frog Sounds Car Horn


Mustang Laura: We LOVE our Dukes of Hazzard Dixie General Lee Car Horn…our mustang now gets a lot of attention for sure…

Mustang Laura - Dukes of Hazzard Dixie General Lee Sounds Car Horn Review


Carl Rumbolo: Thank you Boom Blasters, Teufelhund now has a “voice”

Carl Rumbolo - Military Trumpet The Assembly Sounds Car Horn Review


‎Brian Oleson: What better way to add to a car with Godzilla on it.

‎Brian Oleson - Godzilla Roar Sounds Car Horn Review


Jeff Moore: We LOVE our cow moo sounds car horn…even our steers like them…check it out.

Cow Moo Sounds Car Horn "Review"


‎Eric Prunty‎: Neat little horn. Very happy with the quality and sound. Thanks!

‎Eric Prunty Dukes of Hazzard Dixie General Lee Sounds Car Horn Review


‎Jason Fields‎: Added a new horn to Morticia…everyone loves it!

Jason Fields - Halloween Creepy Organ Music Sounds Car Horn Review


Jason Kitchens‎: We are going to multiple car shows and parades this year with the truck…awesome sounding Jeepers Creepers horn…

Jason Kitchens - Jeepers Creepers Sounds Truck Horn Review


Jason Ollis‎: BIGDADDYSPEANUTS loves our Boom Blasters maniacal witch laughing horn!!!

Jason Ollis - Maniacal Witch Laughing Sounds Car Horn Review


Kory Scarisbrick‎: Awesome horn, gets lots of attention and smiles. Horn is exactly as advertised and delivery was fast…Thanks.

Kory Scarisbrick - Military Trumpet The Assembly Sounds Musical Car Horn Review


Ron Dyson‎: Gidday from Down Under…I purchased a Horse Whinny Sound Horn in September. I’m having a lot of fun with it…
The “locals” love it…Great horn sound – suits the Mustang.

Ron Dyson - Horse Whinny Sounds Car Horn Review


Tonia Pizzuto: I love my Godfather horn…sounds amazing and SUPER loud.

Tonia Pizzuto - GodFather Musical Car Horn Review


Danny Sellinger: We Growl with our Boom Blasters horn and it has heads turning with thumbs up all around…
Thanks for such a nice authentic Panther Growling Horn…

Danny Dellinger - Panther Growling Sounds Car Horn Review


Tom Gibson: Crisp and clear sounds and LOUD…love my General Lee Dukes Dixie horn on my golf cart!!!

Tom Gibson - Dukes Dixie Sounds Car Horn Review


John Polander: I want to thank you…my mustang wants to thank you. This is a MUST HAVE horn for anyone who owns a Ford Mustang…THANK YOU!

John Polander - Horse Sounds Car Horn Review


Tony Tolliver: This is a great addition to our custom golf cart…Thank You Boom Blasters.

Tony Tolliver - Caddy Shack Sounds Car Horn Review


Humberto Yngelmo: 4 great sounds…tripod sound, cavalry sound , Godzilla sound and foghorn sound…definitely an attention getter.

Humberto Yngelmo - Custom 4 Sounds Wireless Car Horn Review


Buck Sewell: #1 Food Truck in Detroit with your Pigs Squealing Sounds Car Horn…everyone loves it!!!

Buck Sewell - Pigs Squealing Sounds Car Horn Review


Toby Bolinger: Mozell catches a lot of attention on the Beach or where ever it takes me.
I bought the horn and then decorated the Jeep. Love it.

Toby Bolinger - Cow Moo Sounds Car Horn Review


Larry Gittin: Our 1940 Ford 2-Dr coupe replica golf cart loves the horn…and you can see that my wife also loves it 😉

Larry Gittin - Custom 4 Sounds Wireless Car Horn Review


Andrew Dyer: Bagshot Village Fate UK 6th July 2019…”Comic book heroes” …Love my custom car horn!!!

Batman Theme Custom Car Horn Review


Rick Orlove: Check out the moo mobile!!! Everyone Loves your cow moo sounds horn…

Rick Orlove - Cow Moo Sounds Car Horn "Review"